Forget paper registers and Excel

Our clients save an average of 8% of gross salary
  • You can use GPS positioning to calculate real time expenses per each site. ZOLT helps to save significant time both for invoicing and salary calculation.
  • Our mobile app was developed specially for the construction and service companies where the staff is moving from one site to another during the day. It is a perfect solution for lost or unreadable logbooks.
  • Jaano Ilves
    “Keeping timesheets on paper took a huge amount of time for our experts. In addition, we did not have accurate and timely information about what was happening at the facilities”
Electronic working time log
  • Offer your staff the opportunity to register their working hours at each site using their phones. The apps are operational both under Android and iOS.

In case of losing the Internet connection, ZOLT saves the data in the phone and synchronises it with the server once the connection is restored.

Get rid of excess paperwork on site.
GPS positioning
  • ZOLT work time logging mobile app registers the employee’ s location every time the employee registers his/her work time. Thus the management can monitor where the employee is and whether the work begins in time. The employees therefore become more responsible. This significantly improves the logistics.
Responsibility and accuracy.
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