Smart time tracking

Optimize the work of your employees and get rid of frequent lateness, long lunches, and unscheduled breaks forever

Simplify control of your employees
Discipline your employees remotely
Accelerate your operations by motivating the staff
Minimise expenses by reducing the downtime

Determine the location of the employee throughout the working time


  • It does not depend on the availability of the Internet
  • Defines
  • Syncs
  • Gives a full report

of the service

  • The program registers working hours by transmitting a report from a photo or from the location of the object. And, if necessary, records the form of payment and the amount received.

Умный учет рабочего времени

Face and fingerprint biometrics function

  • Suitable for employees linked to the same address
  • Employee control by face identification
  • Identifies an employee when reading a fingerprint

Tool issuance and tracking function

  • Suitable for remote work
  • Reads the barcode of the tool and attaches it to a specific employee


The correct and accelerated process of calculating working hours

Simplified calculation of working hours for drawing up an act and invoicing to the client

Building employee discipline, improving the image of the organization

Displaying a receipt for the used material on the object

Accelerated data transfer in accounting

Cost reduction of 20% by introducing penalties

Data protection

  • Data protection and confidentiality
  • Double identification via SMS
  • Learning to work with the program
  • Simplified use and installation

Payment methods:

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